About InvoizPAID

Our Vision

Become Nigeria’s leading financial institution dedicated to SMEs through technology and innovative practices.

Our immediate focus: SME-friendly working capital through supply chain finance

Meet The Team

Rob is a company builder with fondness for target-oriented and strategic work, especially in the context of holistic and active digital services in startup environments.
Robert Högler
Oliseh pioneered the SME lending units in two of Nigeria’s largest National Micro-lending institutions. He has ample experienced in Credit Operations, Risk Analysis and Portfolio Management. He has a Masters degree in Financial Management and fancies watching football.
Head Of Business Development
Oliseh Ebenuwah
A highly optimistic, forward-thinking, and focused sales management professional with strong communication, negotiation, writing, presentation skills. She excels at her position as business development manager. She is an absolute barrel of laughs as she never misses an opportunity to speak her mind.
Business Development Manager
Kene Idigbe
Lukman has a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Masters degree in international finance. He also has over 7 years work experience in credit risk.
Credit Risk Analyst
Lukman Fasasi
Dammie graduated from EMU with a First Class Degree in Banking & Finance. She has 4 years hands-on experience in finance. When she isn't busy making our clients happy, she's causing trouble for her teammates :)
Financial Risk Analyst
Damilola Adeoti
Software Developer
Richard Oyudo
Software Developer
Raheem Azeez Abiodun
Four things Ace does is eat, sleep, think and develop. He has been programming for 9 years...and he's just 19. He is a tech-loving music enthusiast with a very calm and stoic mindset
Software Developer
Ace Falobi
Vivian is an experienced accountant and financial analyst who strives to work with existing staff and facilities, contributing the best of her ability and quota so as to improve organizational objectives and achieve business and financial goals and targets.
Financial Controller
Vivian Offia
Michael is a fan of mind, and the art of creation. #Fintech loan ranger...He loves God, Love, Laughter, Books, The Arts, Nigeria, and MUFC 😊.
Business Development Manager
Michael Ibie
Daniel is a business development/finance expert with over 7 years banking experience from the top 3 commercial banks in the country...he loves arts, literature and extreme sports.
Business Development Manager
Daniel Osumawei