Our Process

Distributor Finance transaction dynamics InvoizPAID

  1. Sub Distributor order inventory from InvoizPAID
  2. InvoizPAID orders and pays for inventory on behalf of distributor from Key Distributor/Manufacturer
  3. Key Distributor/Manufacturer delivers inventory to Sub Distributor
  4. Sub Distributor repays InvoizPAID

Transaction Dynamics, Requirements

Transaction Dynamics

  1. Distributor makes order through invoizPAID to Manufacturer
  2. InvoizPAID confirms from Manufacturer whether:
    • Stock is available
    • Distributor can take volume of order
  3. InvoizPAID pays for order after stock has been confirmed and goods are delivered
  4. Distributor pays back in weekly/monthly instalments of principal + interest


  1. Corporate Affairs Commission documents
  2. Last 12 months banks statements
  3. Signed offer letter
  4. Signed personal guarantee forms
  5. 2 Signed blank checks (1 personal and 1 corporate)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Monthly repayment of principal and interest
  2. 2.25% per month + 0.5% per invoice (non negotiable)
  3. 30 day payment cycle per invoice (Interest and principal paid in one repayment before or at 30th day to InvoizPAID)
  4. 20% security deposit of invoice principal + interest
  5. All orders and payments go through invoizPAID (see above process)
  6. If repayment before due date, minimum 20 days interest charged and pro-rata between 20 and 30 days
  7. Dynamic Credit Limit - Multiple invoices can be drawn concurrently to cumulatively exceed credit limit
  8. Dynamic Credit Limit (DCL) adjusted for each invoice and excess deposit cleared at after repayment for all invoices
  9. Credit limit is set based on average last 12 months purchase history with Manufacturer