Our Process

Invoice Discounting process with InvoizPAID

  1. Supplier provides goods/services to purchaser
  2. Supplier issues invoice to purchaser
  3. Supplier uploads copy of invoice to InvoizPAID
  4. Purchaser approves invoice to InvoizPAID
  5. InvoizPAID funds up to 80% of Invoice amount within 48 hours to supplier
  6. Purchaser pays at due date to InvoizPAID
  7. InvoizPAID pays the remaining (deducting the interest for this time period and a small fee) to supplier


  1. Corporate Affairs Commission documents
  2. Last 12 months banks statements
  3. Last 12 months invoices

Eligibility, Terms & Conditions


  1. Your company is registered in Nigeria as LLP or Ltd
  2. Your company is able to show a min. turnover of N50 million (monthly)
  3. Your company is issuing invoices up to N10 million to debtor (monthly)
  4. Your company supplies at least one “credit worthy” debtor (e.g. private international companies listed on the stock exchange)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Management and commitment fees of between 0.5% - 2.0% of facility/invoice
  2. Interest rates from 20% per annum based on risk assessment